Top 9 Real Ways to Make Money from Home

People nowadays switch to working at home because it is more convenient than going to the office and be stuck in a forever-like traffic. If you want to join the bandwagon of making money from home, then this Internet spot is right for you.

Listed below are 9 ways of earning extra money right where you are sitting right now:Work from Home

  1. Watch and earn!

Some folks at Swag bucks pay for views. The videos aren’t that entertaining, but whatever. Come on, you’re getting paid! The videos are said to be sponsored by big brands, so you really can say that this definitely works.

  1. Sell your words in freelance writing

If you love words and you have a passion for writing, then use it to earn extra income. You just simply have to write, rewrite, edit blogs and articles, add reviews and product descriptions. Make the most out of your creative writing skills.

  1. Change search engines

Now this is easy money! It will only take you a minute or two to earn this way. You only have to change your default search engine to InboxDollars and poof! It becomes real cash.

  1. Write slogans

Sounds like some sort of a school activity, right? Sometimes, companies look for new company taglines, advertising slogans, songs for ads and infomercial jingles. What they do to make it more interesting is, they will ask you to submit your creative entries and take part in contests. If your entry is chosen, a reward will be given to you. One of the best slogans I encountered online is Legal Documents Translation.

  1. Teach online

Online teaching is one of the internet’s leading industry. You will get paid per hour or depending on your number of students. The more students you have, the more bucks you get.

  1. Name a company

This is quite the same with writing slogans the only thing is you will not be creating a tagline for a certain brand. You will be the one to name a brand itself. Challenging, ayt? Creative writers and marketers flock into such competitions as there is a fair amount at stake. You can try doing this by going to or

  1. Trade your craft

Spending most of your time at home? You might have made some crafts that satisfied your boredom or DIY decors that unraveled your hidden passion. Career and passion don’t always seem to work together, but Etsy, an online marketplace, has given artists the opportunity to make that possible. There, you can earn a dollar or two in selling any sort of crafts.

  1. Sign up and get free gift card promotions

Yes, you read it right. Sites like Ebates give free gift cards to those who sign up with them. Ebates is basically a cashback shopping site, giving away a $10 worth of gift cards.

  1. Take online surveys

Most survey companies pay low, but high-paying surveys can come around. Try taking online surveys on sIpsos Panel, Swagbucks, Springboard Panel, and Harris Poll. You can earn as much as $50-$100 per month


These ways require very minimal skill sets, so everybody can actually give it a try and earn some pennies from these simple yet rewarding online activities.